The Launch of the European Business Association in Georgia.

The European Business Association was formed in Georgia to lobby for European Businesses in Georgia and to broker the development of trade between Georgia and Europe.

The Board comprises only European Businesses and market leaders in many sectors of the Georgian market are represented. The board believe that doing business in Georgia will be the same as doing business in Europe.

The association will operate throughout the territory of Georgia and will assist any Georgian Business that is or wishes to trade with Europe. We strongly believe in Georgia’s European Way and as a startup will use the latest communication technologies to support and engage with our members wherever they are located.

The Launch meeting of European Business Association was held on July 25, 2017 in the Nato &EU Information Center in Tbilisi, Georgia.

H.E. Janos HERMAN, Ambassador of the European Union to Georgia opened the meeting and noted that the initiative has support and interest from not just the EU but from the European member states as well.

John Braeckeveldt, Chair of the Board of EBA, presented the vision and mission of the European Business Association, the members of the Executive team to the guests who represented a diverse range of European and Georgian business leaders.

David Lee, the Chief Executive Officer of the EBA discussed the associations’ objectives and conditions of membership. As the former CEO of Magticom and President of Amcham, he stressed the need for more assistance for Georgian businesses in the regions who wish to export to Europe and the opportunities for much higher levels of European investment in Georgia.

As a pure play European business association with no political affiliations or history, the organization is engineered to startup and scale quickly to take advantage of the unique opportunities offered by the Association Agreement and DCFTA against a background of visa free travel in the EU for Georgian citizens. Internet based, the associations services will be offered across the whole country for all sizes of businesses.

By disrupting the long established business association sector in Georgia, the use of new technologies and an exclusively European focus, the EBA intends to accelerate the adoption of European Standards in this market and to improve the awareness of Georgia in Europe leading to increased investment and trade.

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EU, French, Dutch, Romanian and British Ambassadors were joined by the Swedish and other EU Member State Ambassadors and diplomats at the launch. Core membership is reserved exclusively for European owned businesses. Any business in Georgia who trades or plans to trade with Europe may apply for membership. The articles of association prohibit the organization from any form of political support or involvement with Georgian political parties.

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The EBA Chair Explains the vision and mission of the organization. Doing business in Georgia will be the same as in Europe. We will lobby for our members in Georgia and broker trade between Georgia and Europe. The Chair and CEO have expensive European and Georgian business experience and speak Georgian. The organization’s network in Georgia and Europe forms the foundation of EBA’s unique capabilities and vision.

Business leaders representing all sectors attended, including finance, communications, construction, design, IT, logistics, tourism, advertising, marketing and agriculture. Whist many are market leaders, the association is engineered to support and size of business, including startups, anywhere in the country.

All enquiries can be made to info@eba.ge
And please find us on facebook @ebaGeorgia to see more details of the launch.

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