Professionalism, unconquerable enthusiasm and unique personality of Vladimir Karyagin

Today is a very sad day for us as we have to say goodbye to Vladimir Nikolayevich Karyagin, Chairman of the Supreme Coordinating Council of the SPE "Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship", an outstanding leader and speaker of the PPD Network Consortium.

He made a great contribution to the development of the PPD Network, representing the interests of entrepreneurs and SMEs at the international level, involving business associations and organizations from all countries of the Eastern Partnership in issues of public-private dialogue. Deep knowledge, charisma and personal position inspired all his associates and colleagues to develop international contacts, to implement the idea of creating an international platform PPD Network.

We understand with pain that this is a great loss for us, and at the same time we believe that his ideas and undertakings will continue as the embodiment of the memory of him, of his outstanding deeds. Bright memory!

PPD Network

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