Annual report-election conference of the Belarusian National Platform for the Civil Society Forum of the Eastern Partnership was held 25 January 2020.

The main theme was the 10th anniversary of the BNP: an analysis of the turned and made plans for the future. Delegates elected new members of the governing bodies, and with a welcoming speech by the representatives of the diplomatic corps.

For a period of 2 years Delegates Conference elected new members of the Coordination Committee of BNP, its chairman, the coordinators of the Working Groups and recommended the candidature of the National Coordinator of the Civil Society Forum of the Eastern Partnership for Belarus. Bnp2020 1

The Coordinating Committee of BNP includes 7 persons:


· Anastasia Bekish, Association "Green Network")

· Svetlana Gatalskaya initiative group "March, baby!"

· Dmitry Gerylovich, Belarusian National Council of Youth Organizations RADA

· Michael Doroshevich, Baltic Internet Policy Initiative

· Igor Rynkevich, the establishment of "The League" Civil Verdict "»

· Nikolay Kvantaliani, NGO "New Group"

· Andrey Egorov, the consortium "EuroBelarus" (CC chairman)

BNP Auditor for a period of 2 years re-elected Olga Smolyanka ( «LawTrend» CLT).

  A VI of Belarus National Coordinator position CSF (these duties at the end of the year completes perform Nikolai Kvantaliani) recommended Irina Sukhiy (NGO "Eco House"). Elect of the National Coordinator will be the new delegates to the Civil Society Forum of the Eastern Partnership at the next Assembly of the EaP CSF.

  "I think that with such a professional and experienced by the Coordinating Committee, which is selected for 2 years, we will solve those urgent tasks facing the national platform", - commented on the results of elections Chairman of the Coordination Committee of BNP Andrei Yegorov.

  Greeted and wishing the delegate of BNP at the opening of the conference were the head of the Belarusian delegation to the European Union Dirk Schuebel, Austrian Ambassador Alois Vorgeter, Deputy Ambassador of Poland Marcin Wojciechowski. Diplomats took part in a panel discussion, "Where is the Eastern Partnership and the role in this process, civil society and national platforms." The speakers assured the delegates and guests of the conference in support of the Belarusian-European cooperation and the sovereignty of Belarus.

Coordinator of the working group were:  

Olga Smolyanka.

SG1 "Democracy, human rights, good governance and stability"

  Group priorities:  

· Improvement of conditions for the activities of non-profit organizations

· Access to Information

· Mobile response to the occurrence of certain legal situations and initiatives on the part of the state.

· Advocacy processes on topics that are required.


Vladimir Karyagin

SG2 "Economic integration and convergence with EU policies".


Group priorities:

· Increase and development of digital skills in civil society organizations of the Eastern Partnership.

· Advocacy campaign to promote the production and export of agricultural products. (Awareness and EU regulations requirements of competence from manufacturers to \ agricultural products, the internationalization of business).

· Support the development of small businesses at the national and regional levels.

· Creation and promotion of the business platform and business environment, the activation of the project of cooperation between the SG2 members of the Eastern Partnership countries and the EU.

· Development of PPD based on European technologies and best practices.


Vladimir Zuev

PG3 "Environment, climate change and energy security."


Group priorities:

· Promotion of climate neutrality Belarus

· "Smart City» (smart city) and sustainable mobility

· Protection of eco-activists

· Strengthening the capacity and operating time practices on mechanisms for public participation.

· Promotion of a protocol on strategic environmental assessment.


Alexander Kuzmich

PG4 "Contacts between people".


Group priorities:

· Activities (in the context of the development of volunteering Law)

· Social studies

· Communication of generations

· Work on the Madrid terms of growing

· Promotion of non-violent communication

· Work with the problem of employment discrimination

· Account of features of the EaP countries in the cultural programs and the creation of an analogue of the program "Creative Europe"

· Change the cultural norms and methods of conducting cultural forum on a regular basis

· Digital and Media Literacy Skills

· Inklyuzivnasts education

· Work with the problem of narrowing the space for civil society.


Sergey Antusevich

PG5 "social and labor policies and social dialogue".



· Social dialogue.

· Employment and Migration.

· Social guarantees pensions, protection of consumers.

· Youth employment

· Reform of the labor legislation

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