The IV Week of Belarusian Entrepreneurship (March 18-24, 2019) enters the Financial Literacy Week of Children and Youth, which is held by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus from March 25 to March 31). Various events take place every day throughout the country: seminars, round tables, webinars, lectures, exhibitions, competitions, meetings of businessmen with representatives of different branches of government, etc.

Now it is possible to sum up the preliminary results of the two shares held the day before on the initiative of the Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship, which have become traditional over the past three years. These are Entrepreneurs on Entrepreneurship (March 18) and Demonstrate Your Business (March 19).

In 2019, the geography of the participants of the first action expanded. In addition to Minsk, on March 18, lectures were held in seven more cities of Belarus: Brest, Vitebsk, Gomel, Grodno, Mogilev, Vileyka and Baranovichi. A total of 23 educational institutions of the country (Academy of Management under the President of the Republic of Belarus, Belarusian State University, Baranovichi State University, MITSO International University, etc.) received within its walls 26 speakers - members and partners of the Confederation. Among the speakers were managers of large enterprises, researchers, individual entrepreneurs (details on the site www.rce.by).

On March 19, in the framework of the “Demonstrate Your Business” campaign, 16 excursions were organized for pupils and students of 11 educational institutions at manufacturing enterprises. Among those who warmly welcomed the excursionists were both private enterprises and state-owned enterprises, including some of the flagships of the Belarusian industry: OJSC Kommunarka, OJSC Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant, UE KUPE Minskhlebprom, OOO "" Coca-Cola ”and others (details on the site www.rce.by).

In the regional administrations of the country another action of the Week is taking place - meetings of business representatives with district administrations on local agendas.

On the eve of the Forum in the Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship, a Public Reception was working on mediation and settlement of economic disputes. She acted within the framework of the Committee on Mediation and Settlement of Economic Disputes, which was established under the Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship SPE.

In the RCP was announced two competitions. The first one is a competition for the best coverage of the events of the 4th Belarusian Business Week (details on www.rce.by). The second is related to public discussion in the information space of the project of the National Business Platform of Belarus 2019-2020. to refine and make suggestions.

On March 20, 2019, the I Republican Business Forum “Development of Entrepreneurship in Belarus: Strategy and Tactics” was held at the National Library of Belarus. This is the key event of the 4th Belarusian Business Week. The slogan of the Republican business forum is “For a strong creative middle class”.

The forum became the successor to the Assembly of Business Circles of the Republic of Belarus, incorporating its most interesting forms of work. This is a briefing, two panel meetings and three thematic "round" tables. For the first time, a live broadcast from the event was conducted on the Internet, organized by BelHard Group.

Half an hour before the start of the Forum, a briefing was held by the Organizing Committee of the 4th Belarusian Entrepreneurship Week with representatives of the country's leading media.

At the opening of the I Republican Business Forum “Development of Entrepreneurship in Belarus: Strategy and Tactics”, I. Mamonenko, Chairman (Co-Chair) of the Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship in 2019, Director General of BelHard Group CJSC, V.N. and etc.

Then the donation of books collected as a result of the action “Give a book to the library” at the National Library of Belarus took place. N. Silinov, Chairman of the Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship, General Director of Allianceplast LLC, Elena Yeremeyevna Dolgopolova, First Deputy Director of the National Library of Belarus State Service on Users and Ideology, took the literature from the hands of

The work of the Forum was continued by the positional panel “Legislative, executive and judicial branches of government for the development of entrepreneurship in the Republic of Belarus”, in which representatives of the authorities took part.

The next panel was debatable and was called “Business as a locomotive of economic growth,” as a moderator on it was Romanchuk Yaroslav Cheslavovich, head of the Mises Research Center, AC “Strategy”, member of the Council for the Development of Entrepreneurship of the Republic of Belarus. Representatives of large Belarusian business took part in it as speakers.

The Forum presented the results of the Business Optimism Index (IDO), an integral indicator of subjective assessments of the business climate in the Republic of Belarus, based on a questionnaire survey of more than 500 heads of private enterprises of the Republic of Belarus.

Also, the draft of the National Business Platform of Belarus 2019-2020 was prepared and submitted to the Forum participants traditionally. It is called "The future of business - the future of the country."

After the coffee break, there were three round tables:

  1. “Strategy of the business community of the Republic of Belarus to promote the development of small and medium-sized businesses in the framework of the project“ Belarus - IT-country-2050 ”(moderator - Mamonenko Igor Viktorovich, Chairman (co-chair) of the Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship, General Director of BelHard Group, Chairman of the Club of the Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship “Belarus IT-Country-2050”). The objectives of this event were to develop ideas and effective measures for the cooperation of IT companies with local business entities and industry in the regions to introduce modern information technologies and business, the creation of "IT - the country of Belarus", as well as the search for partners and allies.

  2. Round table on the topic: “Development of entrepreneurship in the regions of the Republic of Belarus: experience, forms, methods” (moderator - Arushanyants Petr Borisovich, General Director of the Belarusian Fund for Financial Support of Entrepreneurs). The participants of this round table were faced with the task of finding opportunities to increase financial resources to support entrepreneurship in the regions, infrastructure and resource support for entrepreneurship and business initiatives. Belarusian Entrepreneurship Support Fund - as a tool for microfinance and provision of guarantees for small businesses.

  3. Round table on the topic: “Strategy for the development of large national business in the Republic of Belarus” (moderated by Kats Naum Mikhailovich, Vice-Chairman of the Supreme Coordination Council of the Republican Entrepreneurship Association ”, director of the Center for Business Development LLC, Chairman of the Corporate Governance Development Club , the founder of a number of business entities). The participants of the round table discussed the existing problems and prospects for the development of large national business, the formation of a sustainable MIDDLE CLASS in Belarus, discussed the creation of conditions for the formation of large national capital, financial independence, economic security and competitiveness of large domestic and foreign companies, the problems of internationalizing business, increasing its efficiency and development of corporate governance, the creation of security conditions and guarantees, etc.

For each round table a resolution was adopted.

On March 20, representatives of all branches of government, guests from the United States, Poland, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Germany, China, Hungary and other countries, representatives of large, medium and small businesses took part in the I Republican Business Forum “Development of Entrepreneurship in Belarus: Strategy and Tactics” business, academia, community organizations, media, etc.

IV Belarusian Business Week continues. There are still many interesting events ahead: on March 21, the “Management of Thinking: What is My Mind?” Training will be held by the Here and Now LLC, the exhibition of franchises of the Belfranchayzing Association, the presentation of the international project CashUBack EI “Institute for Entrepreneurial Activity”, Intensive “Work with troubled debts in the Russian Federation: how to prevent the emergence and how to collect ”the portal“ Systema Lawyer ”and others, March 22 - Business breakfast“ International financial center “Astana”: new business opportunities ”А.Б. Didikin, Chairman of the Board of the SEC Modernization Foundation, member of the PSC, Director of Legal Consulting Community Ltd, Seminar “Marielt Real Estate Agency” is the key to the financial independence of UO Business Institute, Biometric Forum of the Center for Biometric Technologies, I Conference on Business Security and Audit Counterparties “Business, money, two vessels” of the portal “System Lawyer” are many, many others.

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