The platform that unites businessmen from different countries


In April of this year, the online platform byitsmart.com was launched. It is designed to bring together entrepreneurs from different countries on the same resource. First of all, the project will be of interest to those entrepreneurs who plan to expand their business beyond their state. At byitsmart.com you can find a business partner abroad or post your request for a search for a product or service in another country.

The main difference between the b2b platform byitsmart.com and other similar projects is the "warm" audience of potential customers. Everyone who places information about himself is interested in partnership. For 5 months the project has united more than 1300 companies from 44 countries.

With the help of byitsmart.com business owners can find partners from around the world. To do this, you need to register on the platform and in the personal account add an offer or demand for a product or service. The number of offers from one company is not limited. You can choose the future partner yourself: by name, category, country or keywords.

Now there are about 1000 offers on cooperation in the database. Among them: sugar producers from Italy, developers of industrial facilities in the US, etc. There are offers from businesses in the CIS countries.


The creators of the platform attract potential customers to cooperation in various ways: advertising, direct offers, etc. "Thanks to this, it is much easier and faster with us to find, for example, a Polish company that will offer lower wholesale prices, or Israeli, interested in your software," – says a founder of the project Elena Bobyr.

Place free information about your company and your product or service on the platform byitsmart.com, and get an effective tool for its promotion at the International level in the B2B segment. As a result:

· Your company will increase revenues, due to the influx of new partners;

· You will reduce the cost of advertising and promotion on the Internet;

· You will not need additional staff.

Byitsmart.com is a platform created to optimize export relations between countries. The problem for many companies in the search for new markets or new business opportunities is the lack of information about these markets, as well as the lack of local partners. Byitsmart.com helps to solve this problem, as well as to help enter these markets through a network of partners serving this platform on the ground in different regions around the world.

For customers who want to work on individual terms, there is a closed BIS-club account. Its peculiarity is unique offers from members of the club.


In the near future, the platform will launch an intelligent search system that will automatically match the appropriate options to meet customer requests, collect and analyze information from resources around the world using the built-in multilingual module.

BYITSMART - business has no borders!

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