Business support centers and small business incubators in the Republic of Belarus

The Republic of Belarus has a network of small and medium-sized businesses supporting infrastructure, which consists of 104 business support centers and 26 small business incubators (as of September 2018).


The centers provide information, methodological and consulting services to small and medium-sized businesses, conduct marketing research, assist in obtaining financial and material and technical resources, training, retraining and attracting qualified personnel, as well as in the implementation of these subjects of their activities.

An incubator is a legal entity that has the premises and property located in them for the right of ownership, economic management, operational management, or on other legal grounds, specially equipped for offices and production of goods (performance of works, services) their activities to small businesses in order to assist them in the development and acquisition of financial independence.

Incubators create organizational and economic conditions for the development of small businesses by providing them with the premises and property available to the incubator for a period of not more than five years, information and consulting services, assistance in finding partners, obtaining financial resources, and carrying out other activities not prohibited legislation and aimed at performing the main tasks of the incubator.

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