SAP UP 2018 was launched!

Do you have an idea how to improve the life of your environment, solve a social problem, improve the ecological situation? Then take part in the social projects competition SAP UP 2018. The consultancy "Social Technologies of Business" in 2018 is the information partner of the contest in Belarus.

SAP CIS company invites Belarusian social startups to take part in the contest. Winners of prize places will win a certificate for an educational trip to Europe. The project that won the Grand Prix will receive a grant of 450,000 rubles in Russia, 1,700,000 tenge in Kazakhstan, 10,000 rubles in Belarus and 2,000,000 Armenian drams in Armenia.

Key%20direction Stages of the competition:

Acceptance of applications: September 7 - October 7; Evaluation of the projects by the experts of the competition and identification of the participants who passed to the next stage: October 7-21; Evaluation of the projects of the jury and definition of the finalists: October 22 - November 12; Finals in Minsk: November 29.

Application form on the contest website

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