On July 30, 2018, the Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship together with the Association "Support and Development of the Crypto-Currency and Blasting Technologies" held a presentation of the Universal Entrepreneurship Platform.

The UE platform is a combination of the latest technological, financial and management techniques, which is software in the form of a website and a mobile application. It contains elements of the stock exchange, labor exchange, commodity exchange, ICO and crowdfinding, start-up incubator, business support center, automated workflow, business school.

The UE-Platform will provide opportunities for assessing the market, registering a business, obtaining a license, attracting investments, hiring staff, selling products.

Today Belarus has high hopes for high-tech projects and for HTP as the main opportunity to attract financial flows to the country. At the same time, the Republic has many other advantages that can influence the successful development of the economy.

At the event, in addition to the organizers, there were representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, individual entrepreneurs, representatives of banks and regional business associations.

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