Guru Blockchain Forum

On May 26, 2018, the first in Belarus summit on blocking technologies and crypto-currencies "Guru Blockchain Forum" will be held at the Pekin Hotel. Leading world experts, developers, practitioners from Germany, Israel, Russia and Belarus within one day will highlight all relevant topics and areas of application of Block-technologies and crypto-currency for business.

The summit will allow building the technology of real income from the Crypto-currency.

How can we create a program of our own financial independence step by step? Is it possible to get a new source of income and earn "on the machine"? How to avoid mistakes and not come across so-called "pitfalls"? Simple and accessible to these and many other questions will be answered by specialists who are leaders in their fields.

more information http://www.rce.by/index.php/all-news/6444-guru-blockchain-forum

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