Bia Investment forum: Georgia - Land of Opportunities

We are happy to invite you to the annual Forum titled “Bia Investment Forum: Georgia - Land of Opportunities,” which will take place in May 15, 2018 inTbilisi, Georgia.

The purpose of the annual Forum is to bring together over 500 businessmen, investors, government representatives and international organizations interested in questions concerning Georgia's economy and the region and to discuss the current and prospective opportunities and the challenges facing the national and regional economy.

The Forum provides potential investors with the opportunity to hear about the country's macroeconomic, legal and tax advantages from leading experts in government and business. Attendees will hear current and planned projects in infrastructure, energy, tourism, real estate, capital market development, private equity and venture capital.

Investors will have the opportunity to address questions to government and business representatives regarding different industries and projects and toarrange face-to-face meetings with projects'representatives. The Forum will host foreign investors, representatives of international rating agencies, investment banks, venture capital companies, and representatives of private equity funds.

Investment forum
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