Main results Eastern Partnership summit 2017

On the occasion of the Eastern Partnership summit, EU leaders met with their six Eastern partners — Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova, and Ukraine — to agree on the future priorities of their partnership.

Together they discussed how to strengthen cooperation and achieve stronger economy, governance, connectivity and society.

"We want to reinforce Eastern Partnership cooperation in a number of specific areas such as small and medium-sized enterprises, digital economy, broadband investments, and investments in transport, energy and infrastructure projects. The list is long. But above all, we want to strengthen links between our citizens and give more support to civil society." President Tusk at the press conference of the Eastern Partnership summit

All leaders agreed on a joint declaration reconfirming their commitment and the high importance they attach to the Eastern Partnership.

In the declaration, the EU reaffirmed its commitment to support the territorial integrity, independence and sovereignty of all its partners.

Summit participants called for renewed efforts to promote the peaceful settlement of unresolved conflicts in the region on the basis of international law.

They acknowledged the European aspirations and European choice of partners who signed association agreements with the EU, namely Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine; while recognising the right for other partners to choose the level of ambition they aspire to in their relations with the EU.

"There should be no doubt that our common future lies in the EU's readiness to open up EU policies for our partners. And I can reconfirm that we are ready to do that." President Tusk at the press conference of the Eastern Partnership summit

Leaders also welcomed the '20 deliverables for 2020'. This a framework aiming to improve the lives of citizens across the Eastern partners in the four priority areas of cooperation identified in Riga in 2015. In addition, the joint declaration stressed:

 the importance of good governance

 the need for better and safer transport links

 the importance of energy security

 the need to further support independent media and expose disinformation

 leaders' engagement to foster mobility and empower youth

In the margins of the summit, the EU and Armenia signed a comprehensive and enhanced partnership agreement and they concluded an aviation agreement. In addition, the EU's Trans-European Transport (TEN-T) network was extended to Eastern partners. The next Eastern Partnership summit is foreseen for 2019.

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