Reform of Systems of Technical Regulations

Trade Panel on the Reform of Systems of Technical Regulations and of the Related Infrastructure Minsk, Belarus Hotel Renaissance, 16-17 November 2017

At the Trade Panel of the Platform 2: ”Economic Integration and Convergence with EU Policies” the main topics discussed were in relation Market Surveillance as well as reform of systems of technical regulations and setting up related quality infrastructure with special focus on standardization.

Participants from EU and EaP countries provided their input on each session. First, representatives from the European Commission, DG GROW, Lithuania, Sweden, Germany explained the market surveillance in their country and technical cooperation with the countries of the Eastern Partnership. Secondly, the participants from Armenia, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova focused on the national reforms of systems of technical regulations.

Each country provided an update on latest developments in their country with specific focus on market surveillance activities. Countries which have started to implement the Association Agreement (including a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area), there are Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine, elaborated on the action plans for approximation.

Finally, the participants agreed that it would be advisable to invite representatives of customs authorities in the next 18 Trading Panel to ensure a fruitful and interactive meeting. Special thanks to Katja Modric Skrabalo, Policy Officer, EC, the Panel Coordinator, for invited of the participants from civil society. Civil Society Forum was represented by two members: Mr. Vladimir Karyagin (from Belarus) and Mr. Ilgar Huseynli (from Azerbaijan).


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