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Business Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers named after Professor Kouniavski, Estonian Association of SME's (EVEA) and GRTU Malta Chamber of SMEs present the internet platform for exchange of business opportunities. This B2B network is created under East Invest 2 project funded by the European Commission. It is a professional platform to help SMEs find trusted partners in the EU and 6 Eastern Partnership counties: Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Belarus, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

The administration of this website is taken care of the Business Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers named after prof. Kouniavski (Belarus) – BSPN.BY

-This is a B2B Network, which operates an online professional platform through which our registered members can access other members in order to advance and promote their businesses in different markets. Through this website you can share your contacts and business information with potential partners, distributors, financing sources, consultants.

-Through our database members create an online profile page in which they can search, connect and communicate with potential business contacts and locate sales leads, financing, information and other opportunities to grow and expand their businesses.

-The network is managed by national associations of SMEs and it is free of charge for all member-businesses.

Features of the portal:

-basic version in English and Russian;

-the ability to search by type of activity, by country, by price and other criteria;

-posting and actualization of information is carried out directly by organizations;

-information is entered in a standard form that includes information about the company, product/service, price offer, multimedia files, contact information, etc.;

-the portal has an adaptive design and is correctly displayed on modern mobile devices;

-the portal has its own advertising system with banners;

-the ability to insert interactive Google maps to indicate the location

-availability of a feedback form with customers (multicast - for several departments or units).

You can find expert information on key business issues (registration, licensing, certification, taxation, investment legislation)

How to become a member?

Please contact BUEE after Kouniavski and you will be provided with all the necessary instructions and guidance for action.

Zhanna Tarasevich

Director, Co-Chairman of the Board of Business Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers named after Professor M.Kouniavski (Minsk, Belarus)

dir@bspn.by, org@bspn.by



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