Technical Assistance - Projects

In the Regional Position Paper "Enhance change and growth" on SME Policy the associations from the Eastern Partnership countries took a critical look on the projects in different aspects. Are they relevant, efficient, well designed, well coordinated, well implemented and what could the business community do to improve them. The taxpayers money should be used efficiently.

The recommendations of the Regional Position Paper are a valuable source for project ideas. How to best use donor money to adress the priority issues raised by the business community and how to involve the business community through their representations (business associations) in the process.

In November 2017 the Consortium of the Public Private Dialogue Network will start to collect your ideas for all 5 priority areas of the Regional Position Paper and the Public Private Dialogue Action Plans. The 5 priority areas are Access to Markets, Access to Finance, Skills & Innovation, Taxes and Customs and last but not least the investment & the business environmentz as such. We will also collect ideas for project on how to improve Public Private Dialogue, Lobbying, Advocacy and capacity building for business associations.

For more information please contact: projects@ppd-network.org

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