Measuring progress in the reform process - The OECD Eurasia week 2017


The 4th OECD Eurasia week took place this week in Almaty. It was the first week outside of Paris and directly in one of the target countries of the activities.

For the Eastern Partnership countries the SME Policy Index is at the center of their interest and attention. It alows not only to measure progress in one country but also to compare with the situation and progress in the others. There were considerable efforts and improvements made in all 6 countries and the next round of assessments will start soon and this gives the opportunity to business associations to get involved.

Advocacy is very often seen only as the process to initiate laws. But it is much more than that. Advocating the interest of SMEs needs to go much further. It needs to include the impact assessment of draft laws, the assessment the impact of existing laws, the regulations based on laws and the implementation. The SME Policy index measures some of these elements. For this it is important for the business community through it's associations to participate in the process of data collection, assessment and interpretation of the results.

Business Associations have participated in the past assessments. They are invited to do so also in the future to make the SME Policy Index a even stronger driver of reform.

Almaty 3

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