Discussion of the program of business forum in Tallinn

12/10/2017 Regular meeting of the consortium was held in Minsk in the business center at Prospect Zhukov, 44. During the meeting was planned to complete organizational issues to determine the mission of the consortium, the vision, the development of an organizational structure and an action plan.

The participants: Vasilevich Victoria, Harbuz Natalia, Karyagin Vladimir, Tarasevich Zhanna, Ilyaschuk Galina, Safonova Katerina, Christian Gessl (via skype), Baklan Anastasia (via skype).

The main issues for consideration was: Preparation of the consortium PRESENTATION Discussion of the program of the business forum in Tallinn on October 26-27, 2017 Use the B2B business platform to create a profile and promote the products and services

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