Sergiy Bykov

Sergiy Bykov is a member of the Association's Union and he coordinates the issues of Membership from 2016. He has worked in the local and central Goverment of Ukraine (Lviv Executive Committee (Lviv EXCOM), State Agricultural Industry, Kyiv Major's Office, State Committee "Ukraininan Insurance Monitoring", Ministry of Finance, National Agency for Reconstruction and Development of Ukraine, Monetary Board of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine) during about 20 years .

He was the Counsellor to the Mayors of Kyiv, Vice-Prime Ministers of Ukraine, to the President of Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.

He was a Head of the Trade Commission of the Poland Company "STEPHEX" in Ukraine and German "Go East", also was a head of the first in USSR Cooperative Bank "Stolichnyi" ("SBS-AGRO" later). He was a Head of Kyiv Office of the "Messe Berlin" Representation in the CIS Countries (Ukraine and Moldova).

He was a representative of International Exhibitions in Ukraine like "Expopharm" (Frankfurt, Germany) and "MSPO" (the International Exhibition of Armaments, Kielce, Poland). He was a coordinator of the WTO (World Trade Organization) UN (United Nations) programme "Child Protection from the Sexual Exploitation in Tourism" in Ukraine.

Member, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Social Council.

He was an organizer of the following exhibitions: "Interpress-Ukraine", "Ukrainian journalism"; photo exhibits "Ukraine in faces" which were demonstrated in the Parliaments of EU Countries, USA and Canada. He is an editor-in-chief of economic and political magazine (German) "Partnerschaft-Partnership" from January 2001, highlighting the collaboration of Russia and Ukraine with Austria, Germany and EU Countries. He was a founder and head of "KOVEKS" company (Kyiv Association of Foreign Economy Relations). It was founded in May 1991.

He works as an adviser in the company "Ukrainian Government Relations Consulting".

He is the Member of National Union of Journalists of Ukraine" from 2002.

He is accredited by the Supreme Council of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the administration of President of Ukraine, the United Natios Office in Vienna, OSCE.

He is a President of Diplomatic Press -Club and Association of international journalists from September 2017.

He has the following education: he completed the secondary school in Dresden, Germany; Military flying college (Balashov, Saratov region, Russia), tactical planning; Vol'sk Military Academy (strategic planning and management), Vol'sk, Russia; Finance and Economic Institute (Finance), Moscow, Russia. Studied law in the Moscow Juridical Institute (Moscow, Russia).

Post-graduate courses, Institute of Economy of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv. He has scientific works in finance, planning, reforming the economy, international relationships.