Public Private Dialogue in Ukraine

The main challenge of the PPD in Ukraine is the consolidation of the small and medium-sized entrepreneurship (SME) segment (not more than 5%) and the possibility of their competent participation in the PPD at the same level as the large companies. Because the imbalance of interests leads to a non-competitive policy and a blocking of SME development in Ukraine. Some of the associations of small entrepreneurs became the basis for achieving the political goals, as happened with NGO "All-Ukrainian association of small and medium businesses “Fortrecia” (44 regional and 7 regional unions, 65 individual members).

In 2014-2015 were made few attempts to create a National SME Platform as a non-formal Local Reform Coalition of 74 BSOs and BMOs, with the support of USAID implemented by CIPE.

As of 2017 coalition managed to achieve self-sufficiency without donor funding, but such independent initiatives still need support and assistance to reach a decent level of the development.