Public Private Dialogue in Georgia

For involvement of BSOs in decision-making process and improvement of Public Private Dialogue several platforms and institutions are created in Georgia:

Investors Council was created in April 20, 2015 by the decree #829 of the Government and with support of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). Investors Council is an independent advisory body to the Prime Minister of Georgia, with the objective of promoting dialogue between the private business community, international organizations, donors and Government of Georgia for the development of a favorable, non-discriminatory, transparent and fair business and investment climate in Georgia.

The IC is responsible for facilitating constructive dialogue and exchange of views between the Prime Minister, Ministries and other executive Agencies under their subordination on the one hand, and the private sector on the other hand, in order to improve and encourage a sound investment climate.

Investors Council is chaired by the Prime Minister of Georgia. The Investors Council consists of the members with permanent status and members with non-permanent status. Members with permanents status from Georgian Government: Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development; Minister of Energy; Minister of Finance; Minister of Agriculture; Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure; Minister of Foreign Affairs. Permanent Members from among international development partners: EBRD; Non-permanent (rotating) members from among international development partners: International Finance Corporation (IFC) and Asian Development Bank (ADB); Members with permanent status from the business community: Five Business Associations: Business Association of Georgia; American Chamber of Commerce; Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry; EU-Georgia Business Council; International Chamber of Commerce. It is anticipated to have two further members from business associations on a rotating non-permanent basis. Business Ombudsman of Georgia is also member of Investors Council .

Under the Ministry of Economy exists Trade Advisory Council, Council for SME issues, where BSO/BMOs are involved.

In 2015 with support of USAID G4G project was created Economic Policy Advocacy Coalition (EPAC). EPAC aims to support development of a business-friendly environment through inclusive and effective dialogue between public and private sector actor. For today it unites more than 76 BSOs, BMOs, think-tanks, chambers of commerce; It is unstructured, without management, members are not paying membership fees. Coalition is created under the USAID G4G project which supports activities initiated by the members of EPAC or are priority for donor. G4G, USAID project is a four year project which will last following 2 years and after it is planned to reorganize the coalition in order to be more self-sustainable.

The PPD Platform in the Parliament of Georgia was established in April 2016 by Business and Economic Centre (BEC) with support of the USAID ‘’Governing for Growth’’ (G4G) in Georgia Project. BEC is a not-for-profit, non-lobbing and non-partisan organization with more than 10 years of experience in policy analysis and PPD facilitation, established in Georgia in 2004 with support of the EU Commission as a part of the UK-based international network of PPD platforms – the Enterprise and Parliament Dialogue International (EPDI).

BEC identifies priority reforms and works to facilitate public private dialogue with support of donors by involving different stakeholders in Public Private Dialogue.

Business Ombudsman - In 2011 Tax Ombudsman institute has been created. The base of foundation and of performance of activities was article 42 of the Georgia Tax Code, besides main principles and forms of activities of Georgian Tax Ombudsman, were defined by the Decree of the Government N92 dated of 23 February 2011. As from 05 June 2015 new law on Georgia Business Ombudsman came to effect, on the base of which the institute continued operating under a new name.

The Business Ombudsman supervises protection of rights and legitimate interests of a person related to the entrepreneurial activities performed on the territory of Georgia, reveals the facts of violation of those rights and legitimate interests by an administrative body and facilitate restoration of violated rights in accordance with the rules stipulated by the law.

In Georgia Law about Lobbying Activities exists which was adopted on 26.10.1998. The law regulates the issues regarding registration procedures as lobbyist and relationships during the lobbying activities.