Public Private Dialogue in Belarus

Within the framework of the survey conducted in the Republic of Belarus, the level of development of the dialogue between business and the state is 5.6 points (participants were asked to answer 11 open questions, and also to assess on a ten-point scale)

The issues of the "Business-State" dialogue:

  • Situation

  • Lack of mutual interests

  • Replacing the dialogue with information

  • Absence of necessary institutions and low efficiency of existing instruments for dialogue

  • Business initiative and efficiency of business alliances

The main mechanisms of interaction between the state and business:

  • Public advisory councils;

  • Institute of appeals;

  • Branch associations.

These tools in everyday practice are just a supplement to informal contacts and connections.

Conclusions from expert interviews:

1) These tools are relatively effective only as a supplement to non-formalized tools: calls, meetings, events, etc. Even the public consultative councils, which experts recognized as the most effective tool, are used, in most cases, to establish contacts and exchange information about the upcoming innovations.

2) Existing tools are not fully a feedback mechanism. Business can only convey its position (and not always successfully) on certain issues, but not be sure that this position will be included in the agenda.

3) Taking into account the previous two points, as well as due to limited organizational possibilities for using informal tools and the weakness of business associations, SMEs are de facto de facto limited in their interaction with the state and representation of their interests.

4) There is a high level of dependence of the effectiveness of interaction between business entities and government agencies on the personal factor, which indicates that there is no single state policy on this issue

5) The low activity of the business in using the instruments of interaction is probably due to the poor performance of the Public Advisory Councils, appeals, public discussions, etc.